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We are a local, Ipswich removalist company and we regularly help our customers move to or from storage units. Our customers will pack up their belongings and move everything into a storage unit, usually without a clear definite plan regarding how long they will be away from their belongings. The one thing our customers rightfully expect from a storage facility is that their belongings will be kept safe. Most facilities have their own security measures such as CCTV, security patrols and alarms. But one, additional safety measure that you can take into your own hands it to choose a reliable, durable padlock for your unit. A good lock for a storage unit is an insurance policy that you only have to pay for once.

Without objective guidance, you might purchase a lock that is easy to pick, break or is prone to corrosion. Such a lock will be a security risk since  it can be broken into, leaving your belongings vulnerable. You need a strong, durable lock that you can get into easily with the right key, but it is close to impossible to pick.

There are many products that claim this on the market, but how do you know what products to trust? We suggest that you look at reliable websites to help you know everything about locks, to get unbiased, objective opinions. Let us look at some of the best products in the market and a guide on choosing locks;

How to find a Quality Lock at Your Local Bunnings

Choose a lock by brand. ABUS, ASSA ABLOY and Lockwood are good high-security brands that generally offer high security and are known to be of superior quality. 

Try to avoid MasterLock and any other knock off replicas or reputable brands,  you’ll be able to tell if they are not genuine based on the price tag. a good quality lock is not cheap, but it is worth it. 

Security ratings

Always take a look at the lock manufacturer’s security rating with a grain of salt, these ratings are subjective and are largely not regulated. Companies will claim 9 stars, when another company sells superior products, has a more stringent rating system and therefore that same 9 star lock would be rated as 2 stars. Therefore, use this as a loose guide, not as a decision making standard of comparison.  

Look for independent ratings such as a CEN rating. CEN ratings go from 1 to 6 and they are independent ratings that are the same for all locks regardless of manufacturer, this is a more regulated rating system.

Best Type of lock for a Storage Unit

There are a number of choices of what type of lock you can get for a storage unit. The first choice you should make is if you should get a combination lock or a lock with a key. 

We will make this one very easy for you. DO NOT BUY A COMBINATION LOCK… 

Combination locks are some of the most insecure locks on the market and most of them can be picked by anyone with no skills within 3 hours. For this reason, you should not buy one of these locks.

Lock Size

You should buy the largest lock that will comfortably fit on your storage unit door. The reason for this is simple, the larger the lock the stronger it will be. This will stop a thief from simply breaking it off by hitting it with a sledge hammer.

The psychology behind this is that a large lock is likely to deter a potential thief because it simply looks more challenging to break.

Checklist for Buying a Storage Unit Lock

  • Choose a reputable manufacturer like Lockwood ASSA ABLOY
  • Keyed padlock, not a combination lock
  • Large diameter shackle to prevent cutting
  • Brass or stainless steel body for outdoor use

Why Do You Need A Storage Unit Lock?

The lock is the only thing standing between a thief and your items. Most storage facilities have their own security measures such as cameras and alarm systems, but these are not invincible to break ins, therefore a reliable padlock will be the last line of defense for your belongings and protecting your property.

Most storage units facilities will not be liable if you lose something in the storage unit. A good lock will ensure you don’t lose these items even with the facility’s own security measures.

When we move customers into their storage units, it is often for a period of a few months to a year. Over this time, you need to be able to trust that your belongings will be safe and when it is time to retrieve your things for your next chapter in life, your belongings will be found exactly how you left them. 

3 Best Locks For Storage Units You Can Buy Today

  1. ABUS 20/70 Diskus Padlock 

alt: ABUS 20/70 Diskus Padlock

The first and best product on our list is the ABUS 20/70 Diskus padlock. This is a tough padlock with hardened steel components that can withstand almost anything.

It has a circular body that prevents many common types of attacks. The shape of the body makes it very hard to hold onto or hit making it extremely durable to brute force attacks. On top of this it has a stainless steel shackle with anti-cut plates to enforce security.

This product comes with a cutting-edge ABUS plus disk cylinder design that is the best way to prevent manipulation. It can resist pulling, drilling, and impacts.

  1. Commando Lock Total Guard Padlock

alt:commando total guard

This padlock features a ball locking mechanism harder to break with brute force. It has an interchangeable design that allows you to switch between shackles based on where you use it.

The manufacturers shrouded this lock from all sides, making it very difficult to cut with a bolt cutter. The steel alloy in this padlock is 50% tougher than regular hardened steel.

It is good for storage units, garage doors, regular doors, and chains. It features a unique riveted steel construction that protects against hammer blows. This lock is pretty close to unbreakable.

  1. Lockwood 60mm Alloy Silicon Jacket Padlock

alt: Lockwood 60mm Alloy Padlock

This is another product on our list from a reputable padlock company. The lock comes covered in a silicon protector and is produced by one of the world’s leaders in high-quality padlocks.

The alloy steel used in this padlock is tough and contributes to the padlock’s quality. It can withstand hard hits and rough weather conditions for years.

For a list of other padlocks that are good quality have a look at this page.


A lot of our customers move into storage units for an indefinite amount of time, meaning that their belongings could be there for anywhere between a few months to years. Your valuables need to be kept safe, not only from the elements, but from break ins as well. Getting the best lock for your storage unit might be the last line of defence that makes the difference between a break in and coming back to find your belongings in the same condition as when you left them. Invest in the best protection for your belongings.